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Almost half of US small-business owners either think they’re overpaying on taxes or have no idea if they are. We’re here to show you.

We Show You How To Save More

Do you wonder how the ultra-wealthy seem to pay very little in taxes?

It may seem like you have to become a billionaire to fully leverage the tax code to your advantage, but that’s simply not the case.

High-earning small business owners have a lot of tax credits and deductions that will save them a lot of money if only they knew about them.

You have the right to at least know how to save more on taxes.

Edin Cuskovic

Tax Code Ninja

Save More On Taxes

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15,000 Reasons To Find Out

$15,000 is how much the average high-earning small business owner can save after we go over their tax returns.

The best part about it is that most of the suggestions are very easy to execute.

We’re not talking about opening up new business entities or going through the hassle of establishing a Trust…

You will be able to implement everything yourself!

How will you use that extra money?

How To Save More

Everyone wants to save on taxes but think it’s going to be overwhelming. We make it easy.


Submit Your Tax Returns

Send over last year’s tax returns so we can get to work.


Sit Down With Us

We’ll walk you through several easy to implement suggestions.


Save Thousands On Taxes

Put all this extra cash towards whatever you want!

How We Differ From Your Accountant

“If the tax codes are the same for everyone, what will you show me that my current accountant can’t?” – Every new client

As an accounting firm specializing in high-earning small business owners, this is what we do all day long.

Focusing on one very specific type of clientele allows us to dive deeper into ways to save you more on taxes.

It’s the same reason that you go to a specialist for heart surgery instead of a general practitioner.

Let’s Talk About Your ROI

The longer you wait to discover how to save more on taxes, the more it’s costing you.

Tax Return Strategy Session

Your investment


Our 10x Guarantee: If we can’t show you how to save at least $5,950 your session is on us!

We’ll be in touch soon!

Commonly Asked Questions

Most CPAs and accountants are so busy with compliance work such as preparing tax returns, bookkeeping, and payroll, that they don’t have the time or energy to proactively work with clients on tax planning.

The result is that most small business owners are frustrated, and worst of all, paying too much in tax.

Absolutely! Maximum Accounting and Tax Serivces Inc uses many of the strategies that the firm recommends to clients.

Some strategies require the use of third-parties such as attorneys, actuaries, recordkeepers, etc. who also implement many of the same strategies.

This consulting is simply to show you all the additional ways to save more on taxes. Implementation is part of our Tax Preparation & Planning service.

Let’s Save You Money

The best time to start saving on taxes was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

I am so thankful to Edin for all the hard work and the phenomenal results.  I own a small business and always found myself owing the IRS at the end of the year.  After talking to Edin, I found out that I was leaving money on the table because of ineffective tax and accounting advice.  Edin has been a tremendous resource for overall business and financial advice.

Suad Bektic

Managing Partner – New Day Legal PLLC

Edin Cuskovic

Tax Code Ninja
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