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For most small-business owners, filing your taxes is frustrating and time-consuming. Try our approach, instead.

The Outdated Way Of Filing Taxes

Unfortunately, the vast majority of high-earning small-business owners are stuck filing their taxes in an outdated fashion.

Their accountant will contact them at year-end to start the tax preparation process but at this point, it may be too late for various tax deductions/credits.

The result is having to pay significantly more for taxes than necessary.

In fact, we save our clients an average of $15,000 annually after switching to us from another accounting firm.

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The New Way To Prepare Your Taxes

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to tax filing.

Instead of waiting until right before taxes are due to prepare all the necessary paperwork, we work with you throughout the year so filing taxes is a breeze.

That means minimal stress and time requirement from you so you’re able to focus on your business, not making the IRS happy.

Additionally, a proactive approach allows you to take advantage of savings throughout the year instead of having to wait until you receive your tax return.

How To Save More

Everyone wants to save on taxes but think it’s going to be overwhelming. We make it easy.


Discover How To Save

Learn how much you can save with a tax return strategy session.


Execute The Strategy

We’ll help you get to capitalize on your new tax strategy.


Save Thousands On Taxes

Put all this extra cash towards whatever you want!

We Proactively Present New Ideas

A very common complaint from high-earning small-business owners is they feel their accountant is “complacent” when it comes to helping them save on taxes.

They find themselves hearing from other entrepreneurs how they’re saving on taxes, yet their accountant hasn’t brought anything up to them.

This is the problem we’ve set out to solve.

By staying in contact with you throughout the year, we bring you the latest tax code updates to maximize your savings.

Let’s Talk About Your ROI

The longer you wait to save more on taxes, the more it’s costing you.

Tax Planning Package

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Commonly Asked Questions

Tax preparation is recording history to satisfy IRS requirements and calculate how much tax a business owner has to pay.

Tax planning is proactively using the tax code to pay the least amount of tax legally required.

Planning requires a year-round effort in order to adjust based on changes in a business, a business owner’s family dynamics, and the tax code.

Everything we do is completely legal! We actually use many of the strategies that we recommend ourselves.

Some strategies do require the use of third-parties such as attorneys, actuaries, recordkeepers, etc. who also implement many of the same strategies. This further keeps everything compliant.

This is one of the biggest misconceptions that is costing small business owners $1,000s.

Once your net income surpasses $100,000, the benefits of proactive tax planning greatly outweigh the costs.

There are numerous strategies for which we’re able to do all of the heavy lifting for our clients.

For strategies where we need the business owner to do some of the work, we provide templates, guides, and instructions.

We’ll even work through the paperwork with our clients to make sure they are doing it correctly!

In addition to proactive, customized tax planning, business owners get the filing of one business tax return and up to two personal tax returns for the owner(s) of the business.

Further, business owners receive on-going support to answer any tax-related questions. And, of course, updating the tax plan when tax laws change.

The biggest benefit is knowing that you’ve paid the least amount of tax possible.

Cruise Into Tax Season

You don’t settle when it comes to running your business. Why settle with your tax savings?

“I cannot say enough good things about Edin. He is the master of all things payroll, bookkeeping, and taxes. Edin is responsive, knowledgeable, professional, and just overall, the man! Hire him, like yesterday!”

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Edin Cuskovic

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